U.S. Mail Change of Address

New and former tenants often ask the best way to update their new mailing address. New tenants want to ensure their mail is delivered to their new home, and former tenants want to do the same.

According to U.S. Postal Service regulations, we are unable to collect and hold mail for tenants, as the mail was not addressed to our name. In addition, it is our policy for tenant privacy and security that former tenants do not approach new tenants to collect their mail.

The best way to ensure your mail is going to the correct address is to complete a Change of Address request through the U.S. Postal Service. You can complete this Change of Address request form online by visiting the official USPS website at http://usps.com/move

Once you have completed the Change of Address request, the Postal Service will forward any mail from your former address to your new registered address, which ensures that you aren’t losing important documents.

If a new tenant happens to receive mail addressed to someone other than themselves, we ask that they please write “Wrong Address, Return To Sender” on the envelope and place it back in the mailbox for the Postal Service to pick up and deliver to the new address.