Skywater Properties Is Now TruRidge™

We have officially re-branded from Skywater Properties, LLC to TruRidge, LLC! The official business entity has not changed and you will continue to receive the same great customer service and excellence as you did before. This is simple a name change only and has nothing to do with any changes of ownership or operations.

The new name TruRidge™ is a shortened and more modernized brand. We now have an exact match website domain name which is short and sleek, and it also fits well with some of our core offerings, such as the TruResident™ experience and our TruGuarantee™. We always strive for truth and honesty in our operations, and that is where the “Tru” part of the name comes from. In terms of the “Ridge” portion of the name, we always want to be on top, on the cutting edge, and on the highest peak of our property management and customer satisfaction standards, and that is where “Ridge” comes in, TruRidge™.

It is our goal to continue becoming a leading brand in the multi-family apartment industry, and our re-branding plays well into that vision. The traditional business model of renting an apartment from a landlord has gotten old and out-dated. With our state of the art technology, modern website and self-service options, and focus on customer service, we are confident you will experience a new way of living as a TruResident™.

Today, we are proud to officially announce the new resident experience, welcome to TruRidge™.